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Looking for the best domestic painting services in Melbourne? Look no further than Bakupainting- the most professional domestic\residential painting company. It is our conviction that a well-executed home paint job can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, but can also bring a sense of personality and soul to the home. Our experienced Melbourne Domestic painters are committed to delivering a service that will bring a sense of satisfaction when the finished product is presented to you. Furthermore, our home painters have been recognized with numerous awards for their outstanding domestic painting services in Melbourne.

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    Elevate Your Space with Our Brushwork Brilliance.

    Baku Painting specializes in domestic painting and decorating services, with a focus on providing high-quality finishes within homes. Here’s a breakdown of the services we offer:

    Domestic Painting and Decorating: Baku Painting is an expert in this field, providing top-notch painting and decorating services for residential properties.

    Elite Skilled Decorators: Our team consists of highly skilled decorators who are dedicated to delivering excellent results within clients’ homes.

    Product Recommendations: Baku Painting offers advice on selecting the most suitable products for each project. This ensures that you stay current with the latest advancements in paint technology and use high-quality products for your clients.


    New Builds: We provide painting and decorating services for new construction projects. This could include both interior and exterior work to ensure that new homes look their best.

    Roof Painting (all substrates): Our services extend to painting roofs, regardless of the substrate material. This can help improve the appearance and longevity of roofs.

    Repaints: Baku Painting handles repainting projects, whether it’s refreshing the existing paintwork inside or outside a house!

    Repairs: Our team can also handle painting and decorating repairs, which can involve fixing damaged or deteriorated surfaces before applying fresh paint.

    Baku Painting is committed to offer a comprehensive range of services to enhance the aesthetics and quality of residential properties. Our focus on staying updated with the latest advancements in paint technology reflects our dedication to delivering outstanding results.

    What sets us apart from the rest when it comes to expert domestic painting in Melbourne?

    • Our Residential House Painters have the knowledge and experience to make your home look and feel fashionable and comfortable. We have made a name for ourselves by providing top-notch residential painting services for many residential projects over the years.
    • Our professional and skillful painters simply love their job and work hard to achieve the highest quality of work in every painting job they do.
    • We pride ourselves on being a painting company in Melbourne that is dedicated to making a difference in our clients’ lives by helping them achieve their dream home.
    • Our residential painting services are an economical way to enhance the aesthetic of your residence.
    • Our competitive advantage lies in our use of top-notch, long-lasting paints that are designed to reduce the risk of leakage, moisture infiltration, and dampness, thus preserving the appearance of your walls for a prolonged period of time.

    From Faded to Fabulous – Your Home’s Transformation Starts with Our Professional Painting Services.

    Are you looking to have your home painted in a way that reflects your individual style and personality? Contact us today to find out more about our painting services and get a quick quote. Give us a call or send us an email for a quick and informative response from our experienced team.